Lost In Translation: Funny English to Spanish Movie Title Translations

A few days ago, I was discussing with a student how movie subtitles aren’t usually very accurate.The task of translating a movie script and shortening the words to a minimum amount to fit it each movie caption seems pretty difficult and laborious.

But what about movie titles? Some of these titles seem to be translated by an intern using Google translator.

When translating the Spanish titles back to English, the original meaning gets completely lost in translation!


 Original title: Die Hard
Spanish title: La Jungla de Cristal
Meaning: The Glass Jungle






Original title: Best in Show
Spanglish title: Very Important Perros
Meaning: Very Important Dogs






Original title: Grease
Spanish title: Vaselina
Meaning: Vaseline





 Original title: Some like it Hot!
Spanish title: Con faldas y a lo loco
Meaning: With skirts and going crazy






Original title: Weekend in Bernie’s
Spanish title: Este muerto está muy vivo
Meaning: This dead body is very live