Beloved Italian Singer Lucio Dalla Dies at 68

Music is central to Italian culture: Verdi, Rossini, Pavarotti, Caruso are just a few examples of that. Andrea Bocelli, of international fame, is a more recent example.

Given the central role that music has in Italy, it is therefore no surprise that the death of one of the most popular Italian contemporary singers, Lucio Dalla, has monopolized the media for days. The New York Times recounted Dalla’s life yesterday, saying his “music became the soundtrack for the lives of generations of Italians.”

Dalla‘s songs are parts of the Italian culture since the early 1970s — “4/3/1943,” “Piazza Grande,” and “Caruso” — to name a few. Dalla’s funeral, in his hometown Bologna, took place on his birthday (March 4 — also, the day of his first hit), and attracted a massive crowd of people, including all of the most popular Italian singers.

Bologna, Italy, hometown of Lucio Dalla