Explore China Through Food

Last month we launched Platinum Chinese. Did you know that each region of China has its own distinct style of cooking? The cuisines are based on the area’s rich history and geography. Join us in exploring the many tastes of China!

Northern China

Northern China borrows much of its cuisine from the neighboring country of Mongolia, which is extremely cold, with temperatures at or below freezing from October through April. This harsh climate heavily influenced its cuisine, which largely consists of hearty meat and dairy.

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Southern China

Cantonese-style cuisine originated in the Guangdong Province of Southern China, and has gained incredible popularity around the world due to the large number of people who have emigrated out of the region. Most Cantonese dishes are prepared by either steaming or stir-frying the ingredients, with a very modest amount of spices.

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Western China

Some of the boldest flavors in China can be found in the Szechuan province, known for a heavy use of chilies, garlic, and Szechuan pepper. Szechuan cuisine was influenced over the years by the many travelers who passed through the “Silk Route,” including Buddhist missionaries who introduced them to Indian spices and Spaniards who introduced them to chilies.

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Eastern China

There are several different styles of cuisine to be found in Eastern China, but one common technique is “red cooking.” By slowly braising meat in soy sauce, it is left with a bright reddish brown color.

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