BBC broadcasts “My Brother Is an Only Child”

The BBC recently broadcasted “Mio fratello è figlio unico,” a 2007 Italian film by director [regista] Daniele Luchetti. The title comes from a 1976 song by the very influential singer [cantanteRino Gaetano.

Although the movie is set in the 1960s, it gives you an idea on how much passion for politics (still) permeates Italian life — so much so that it often divides families, which are still the most powerful social institutions in Italian life.

The movie is about two brothers from a working class family living in the provincial (and founded by the Fascist Regime) town of Latina, just outside Rome. The older brother, Manrico, is a communist but the younger and adolescent brother Accio falls under the influence of right-wing local leader, who takes the boy under his wing.

Since language, politics, and soccer [calcio] have gone hand to hand in Italy for a very long time — Machiavelli is, with Dante, the father of modern Italian — watch the subtitled trailer and practice listening to the language.