4 Apple Recipes from Around the World

A fresh, ripe apple is one of the greatest joys of autumn. After a day of apple picking or a trip to your local farmer’s market, try making one of these delicious foreign apple dishes!

German – Apfeltasche (“Apple Pocket”) This classic German recipe is both simple and decadent. For a recipe in English, continue reading at Fifi von Strudel. For a recipe in German, continue reading at 1x Umrühren Bitte. Guten Appetit!

Italian – Torta di Mele (“Apple Pie”) Italian apple pie doesn’t have a top crust – just lots of delicious apples. For one recipe, continue reading at Raspberries & Ruminations. Buon Appetito!

torta di mele

Colombian – Arepas Dulces con Manzanas (“Sweet Arepas with Caramelized Apples”) Arepas are a traditional Colombian recipe from the Antioquia region, and could be compared to a French crepe. Sweet arepas made with cinnamon and sugar, topped with caramelized apples and ice cream, make for a simple but flavorful dessert. For a recipe, continue reading at My Colombian Recipes. Buen provencho!

French – Gâteau aux Pommes (“Apple Cake”) A French Apple Cake is simple and elegant. Continue reading at Once Upon a Chef for a recipe that features “chunks of sweet apples nestled in a tender, buttery rum cake.” Bon appétit! french apple cake

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