Meet Our E-Tutors: 5 Questions with Federica

Name: Federica
Hometown: Rome
Current Residence: Columbia, SC
Languages Spoken: Italian, English, French, Polish, Hebrew, German, Czech, and some Ukrainian.

A picure of the Roman ruins that Federica took on her last trip home.

LL: What do you love most about the Itlalian language?
Federica: The memories it carries: of childhood, family, sounds, tastes…

LL: What’s your favorite phrase in Italian?
Federica: Pazienza! “Too bad”—but with a very ironic tinge, whose subtext is “… truly not the end of the world anyway!” You should hear a real Roman person use it to fully appreciate it.

LL: What language would you like to learn?
Federica: No more languages, please!

LL: What’s your best advice for someone learning a new language?
Federica: ASCOLTARLA! (Listening to it) Anybody who wants to learn a new language should first listen to it, absorb its sounds, even without understanding a single word. Understanding will come! I promise. How did you learn your mother-tongue? Not by reading The Financial Times. But because other native speakers (mom, dad, grandparents, etc.) were constantly talking to you, repeating, repeating, repeating… Now you have the advantage you didn’t have as a child of using books too to speed up the process: but talking and listening to native speakers is still the strongest strategy.

LL: What’s your lucky number?
Federica: Tutti (all of them). I love numbers and letters and the mystical combinations of the two.