Fun Facts: School in Germany

Did you know that most kids in Germany attend public school? According to the online magazine, only about 8% of German kids attend private school.  (In the U.S., approximately 11% of kids go to private schools.) Even though a growing number of German parents may want to send their kids to private school, the number of parents who actually do could be dwindling due to the current crisis of the Euro.

Not that it matters, because learning new things is exciting no matter where you learn it. Sure, it’s difficult, too, but Aller Anfang ist schwer. (All beginnings are difficult.)  But as the old German sayings go… Ohne Fleiß kein Preis. (No pain, no gain.) And always remember that Übung macht den Meister. (Practice makes perfect. [Lit: Practice makes the master.])

Speaking of learning new things… now that everyone is starting school, what better time to start learning a language or brush up on what you’ve once learned and have since forgotten? Come on, join Living Language: Lernen wir Deutsch! Let’s learn German!

Helga, E-tutor