Meet Our E-Tutors: 5 Questions with Sev

In developing Living Language Platinum we hired a crew of language teachers from all over the world. These native speakers will contribute to this blog, answer questions on Twitter and our forums, and teach small group sessions. There’s nothing like learning the nuances of a language and cultural insights from someone who has lived it. We will introduce each of them in the blog with 5 Questions.

Name: Sev
Current Residence: Brooklyn (Park Slope), NY
Languages Spoken: French, English, and some German

LL: What do you love most about the French language?
Sev: It evokes a past rich in elegance & refinement.

LL: What’s your favorite phrase in French?
Sev: “Du pain, du vin, du boursin, je vais bien.” (Some bread, some wine, some Boursin, I am well)

LL: What language would you like to learn?
Sev: Russian (because of my father’s ancestry).

LL: What’s your best advice for learning a new language?
Sev: Immerse yourself, alone, for a few weeks or more, in the country where the language is spoken. There is simply no better, faster way to learn a language. Ideally, you need to learn the fundamentals first — with Living Language, of course!

LL: What’s your lucky number?
Sev: L’infini (infinity)… Je suis un scientifique (I am a scientist)!

Sev with the gargoyles of Chartres Cathedral