Living Language Platinum French Review–a Top Homeschool Product for 2013

At Gilt City, we strive to offer unique and wonderful experiences and Living Language is just that. Our members were afforded the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture, learning to read, write and speak everything from Mandarin Chinese to French and Italian.

“The games are a nice addition, because they make sure that you’re truly comprehending each lesson.”

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“The Living Language iPad app makes a great study guide.”

Living Language (for iPad)

“Living Language… offers some of the best live courses I’ve seen. In my experience, the instructors consistently hit the highest standards, and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the class. If you want to practice speaking a new language with a small group (three learners and one instructor, maximum), Living Language is the way to go. For $179, you get one year of access, an unprecedented and unbeatable value if live coursework is your aim.”

Living Language (Platinum)

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“It’s an excellent format and quite engaging.”

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“Straightforward tone and well-organized format of vocabulary, grammar and conversation.”

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“consistently good experience”

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