French author Emile Zola and Le Naturalisme

433px-ZOLA_1902B Né le 2 avril 1840 (born on April 2nd 1840), Émile Zola appartient aux personnalités imposantes de la littérature du 19ème siècle (belongs to towering figures of 19th century French literature). Victor Hugo (1802-1885) said: "Tout ce qui est dans la nature est dans l'art“ (everything that is in nature is in art). Continue reading

A Traditional Fruit Cake Recipe from Brittany

Breton Cakes by Sheeps"R"Us via Flickr In France, the word cake (pronounced like in English) designates fruit cakes, that is, cake made with dried or candied fruits, usually presented in a simple, rectangular shape. Here is a simpler yet homey, filling fruit cake recipe which is especially well-adapted to the beloved blé noir ('bleh nwhar'; buckwheat) of Brittany. Continue reading