Custom LMS Solutions for Your Company’s Language Training Needs!


Living Language’s Corporate program includes the ability to integrate our 18 language courses (click on "Languages" above to see the full list) into your company’s Learning Management System. Our SCORM-wrapped courses are compatible with most LMSs and can be rebranded to suit your company’s needs. Continue reading

How To Say Let’s Go To The Beach! In 14 Languages

Summer isn’t over yet. In fact, in Europe in particular, August is a big month for vacations. If you’re craving a trip to the seaside, why not learn how to say it in as many languages as possible? Check out … Continue reading

Breaking the fast with ʻīd al-fiṭr

491938853 عيد الفطر (ʻīd al-fiṭr) is an Islamic feast celebrated on the first day of the month of شوّال (Shawwāl) in the Islamic calendar. عيد الفطر is a celebration of the end of the month of رمضان (Ramaḍān), during which المسلمون (al-muslimūn, Muslims) practice صوم (sawm, or fasting) during daylight hours. Continue reading

Top 5 Arabic Expressions to Use When Traveling in the Middle East

Egypt.Giza.Sphinx.01 Heading to the Middle East? The following expressions are must-haves when conversing with Arabic-speaking Middle Easterners everywhere. These expressions tend to be used all the time in most conversations. مرحباً marHaban hi من فضلك، لو سمحت Min FaDlik, law samaHt … Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness

Did you know February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day? Make someone smile by using some of these phrases in the language your learning. Continue reading