Today Is International Beer Day

Today is International Beer Day, and in celebration, we’re teaching everyone how to say “beer” in 20 different languages. Now you’ll have no problem ordering one wherever you happen to be! Beer in 20 Languages from Living Language

Where have all the languages gone?

The tower of Babel On Earth Day, we take time to think about how human activity is affecting the environment and how we can work together to slow and reverse these trends. As part of this, you’ll probably hear about the dramatic loss of … Continue reading

عيد الأضحى (ʿīd al-aḍḥā) The feast of the sacrifice.

November 4, 2014 is the عيد الأضحى (ʿīd al-aḍḥā or Eid al-Adha), the “feast of the sacrifice,” also known as العيد الكبير (al-‘īd al-kabīr, the Big Festival), when المسلمين (al-muslimīn, Muslims) commemorate the willingness of ابراهيم (Ibrāhīm, Abraham) to obey … Continue reading