National Dessert Day: International Desserts

LLang-88-blog-546x350-dessert-a Today is National Dessert Day! To celebrate, we asked our e-Tutors to share some of their favorite international desserts. Sev, French: Pâté aux prunes The Pâté aux prunes (plum pie) is the Anjou region (Loire Valley) dessert par excellence (quintessential), a traditional specialty, … Continue reading

Chocolate Eggs and Colomba Cake: Sweet Easter Traditions from Italy

Uova_di_Pasqua_artigianali Easter (Pasqua) is, of course, a major catholic holiday and hence widely celebrated in Italy. La Pasqua has important ties, but also significant differences, with the Jewish Passover: You can read more about the common origins of the words Passover and … Continue reading