Traveling to France? Don’t miss the Farmers’ Markets!

French Market A stay in France would not be complete without the experience of un marché (farmers’ market). Despite the ever-growing presence of supermarchés (m.)(supermarkets), faire le marché (going to the farmers’ market; lit. do the market) remains an important way of shopping for food, especially produits frais (fresh … Continue reading

Family Moments during Christmas in France

4194677832_e525b3a685_z No other holidays suscitent (verb ‘susciter‘: to arouse, create) such expectations of warm réunions (f.) de famille (family gatherings) as Christmas time. Passer de bons moments ensemble (have a good time together, lit. to pass good moments), around a table and près du feu (near the fire), en … Continue reading

The Traditional Christmas Markets of France: A Popular Winter Event

Marché_noël_Colmar_2 For a month (end of November until end of December) throughout France, les marchés de Noël (Christmas markets) have become des évènements incontournables (must-see events; lit. that cannot be circumvented) that play a big part in the magic of winter holidays in Paris. The tradition originated … Continue reading