“Bonjour, Au Revoir”: How to Greet and Part with People in France

bises French greetings follow a number of tacit étiquettes (pronounced: eh-tee-kayt). They come down from centuries of traditions, some of them quite sophisticated. La bise (s’embrasser sur la joue)(the kiss on the cheek; to kiss each other on the cheek) is perhaps … Continue reading

Learning with Audio: A Selection of Quality Podcasts in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese

499557379 An important part of learning a new language is reinforcing what you've learned and accustoming your ear to the sounds of the language via exposure to native speakers. The internet is a great source of listening content, but there is a lot out there, both good and bad, so we asked our eTutors to put together a list of high-quality podcasts in their respective languages. Below are some recommendations for French, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese. Continue reading