“Bonjour, Au Revoir”: How to Greet and Part with People in France

bises French greetings follow a number of tacit étiquettes (pronounced: eh-tee-kayt). They come down from centuries of traditions, some of them quite sophisticated. La bise (s’embrasser sur la joue)(the kiss on the cheek; to kiss each other on the cheek) is perhaps … Continue reading

Learning with Audio: A Selection of Quality Podcasts in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese

499557379 An important part of learning a new language is reinforcing what you've learned and accustoming your ear to the sounds of the language via exposure to native speakers. The internet is a great source of listening content, but there is a lot out there, both good and bad, so we asked our eTutors to put together a list of high-quality podcasts in their respective languages. Below are some recommendations for French, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese. Continue reading

French author Emile Zola and Le Naturalisme

433px-ZOLA_1902B Né le 2 avril 1840 (born on April 2nd 1840), Émile Zola appartient aux personnalités imposantes de la littérature du 19ème siècle (belongs to towering figures of 19th century French literature). Victor Hugo (1802-1885) said: "Tout ce qui est dans la nature est dans l'art“ (everything that is in nature is in art). Continue reading