Breaking the fast with ʻīd al-fiṭr


عيد الفطر (ʻīd al-fiṭr) is an Islamic feast celebrated on the first day of the month of شوّال (Shawwāl) in the Islamic calendar. عيد الفطر is a celebration of the end of the month of رمضان (Ramaḍān), during which المسلمون (al-muslimūn, Muslims) practice صوم (sawm, or fasting) during daylight hours. Continue reading

“Bonjour, Au Revoir”: How to Greet and Part with People in France

bises French greetings follow a number of tacit étiquettes (pronounced: eh-tee-kayt). They come down from centuries of traditions, some of them quite sophisticated. La bise (s’embrasser sur la joue)(the kiss on the cheek; to kiss each other on the cheek) is perhaps … Continue reading