French Cars & Mopeds: Romances Made in France

From remote French villages, to big cities like Paris, and even beyond the French borders, there are certain cars and vehicles made by French companies that have left a mark in the consciousness of French people. Though most of them … Continue reading

Spain’s Healthy Alternative to Ice cream: “La Horchata de Chufa”

Horchata de Chufa is one of Spain’s most loved beverages. Some of you may get confused between Mexican Horchata and Horchata de Chufa (from Valencia). Mexican Horchata is rice milk based and Horchata de Valencia is made with the unique tuber named … Continue reading

The “God Particle” and Italian Scientist Fabiola Giannotti

Yes, the Vatican State is an enclave of the Italian peninsula. However, in early July Italy became the center of “God” in another way. We are talking about the discovering of the subatomic particle called the Higgs boson a.k.a. “God particle”, possibly the most … Continue reading

Classic Meals from Brittany: A Rich Tradition

La Bretagne (Brittany) – or Breizh in Breton – is an important region in the northwest of France with a very distinct personality, this in great part due to its complex and old history harking back to the Celts. The walled … Continue reading